Self Posterior Hip Capsule Distraction

After hearing a patient's testimony on how much relief the @lobaktrax provided for his low back pain, I decided to get one and see firsthand how it felt. I don't really watch @sharktankabc anymore but this device was featured on an episode and you can get them at Target or Bed Bath & Beyond. _ I don't have low back pain but my right hip feels wonky from time to time, so I wanted to see how this felt as a hip mobilizer for people experiencing symptoms resulting from hip external rotation deficits, capsular hypomobility or femoroacetabular impingement. I actually felt pretty significant relief by bridging up slightly (to unweight the crossed leg) and applying force through the device in an inferior direction. _ Usually I'm skeptical about tools and gimmicks but I like this one for several reasons: • No exaggerated claims of permanent back relief in its marketing • It's accessible to the masses • Gives the user an internal locus of control over their pain, encourages proactivity • The distraction effect may impart a neurophysiological stimulus to sensory receptors in the hip capsule and areas surrounding the sacroiliac joint, and lumbar spine which can help mitigate pain. _ There is a little bit of a learning curve required to apply the distraction at the appropriate angle, but when done properly it seems to mimic the effects of a Grade I or Grade II peripheral joint mobilization delivered by a PT. I've been looking for solutions to allow patients to reproduce the stretch feeling of belted Mulligan mobilizations specifically to the hip and I think this does the trick. _ I suppose this is also where I say I wasn't paid to make any of the above statements and I had to buy the device myself 😝 _ #FAI #hipimpingement #labraltear #sacroiliacjoint #lowbackpain #backpain #backrehab #hiprehab

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