Cool Stuff to Read

Usually whenever I come across helpful wellness-related content as I browse my newsfeed and RSS feed, I save it to my Pocket which is kinda like DVR but for internet articles instead of TV. Really useful if you spend lots of time in places lacking internet service (like commuting via subway). Anywho, in recent weeks I feel like I've been coming across more gems than usual so I thought I would make a list of the articles that have caught my eye. 

With the amount of content circulating on the internet, the notion of ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) really isn't fair. There will always be great articles that inevitably get pushed down to the bottom of your feed and I used to have this perpetual feeling of always missing out on things I should be reading. But I suppose that's the nature of certain social media platforms where there is so much information saturation. Perhaps I'll do this every so often to help circulate content that I find particularly interesting or helpful.

(Disclaimer: Some of the topics might be more esoteric than others)

Strength Training, Hypertrophy and Periodization:





Lower Body: