Steve Nash Announces Retirement

"I remember when Dirk and I were nobodies."

It's amazing to think how a 6'3" 180ish pound Canadian who wasn't even recruited to a major American basketball program once sat across the dinner table from Dirk Nowitzki, thought themselves as nobodies and would later go on to have 3 MVP awards and a championship between them.

I suppose the formula isn't really a secret, albeit extremely difficult: hard work over the course of a lifetime, the relentless pursuit for improvement, a little bit of luck and exposure to influential role models combined with some measure of innate athletic talent allows for "outliers" to achieve greatness.

It makes me wonder what current opportunities lay before us that we're totally capable of seizing and converting to success despite seemingly insurmountable odds, whether it's a sport, career aspiration or hobby. You could be an average-sized Canadian in the same draft class as Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Stephon Marbury and Ray Allen.

I love that despite struggling with injuries towards the end, you can tell his mental edge and humility which allowed him to have such longevity and success throughout his career allows him to be at peace with leaving the game.

And he also gives props to his physical therapist Rick Celebrini as having a huge impact on his success ;-)