Paused Body Saw Push-Ups

Was randomly stalking/creeping on my buddy Dr. Gabor aka @simplestrengthphysio and found this old gem of a core and arm exercise that he came up with a while back: _ 🍕Throw a couple of sliders underneath your feet and get into a push-up position with your hands out in front of your body. 🏵Keep your body in a rigid plank as you slide forward and perform a push-up. Pause at the bottom and don't let your body contact the floor. 🗿Your hands should be aligned somewhere along your midsection--the greater the amount your body slides forward/backward, the greater the demand on your core. 🔮Push yourself up and back into the starting position, and repeat. _ This can be a huge scapular depression/retraction exercise as well, especially when paused at the bottom. If you have trouble with this or similar exercises, try to figure out where your body is leaking tension. Is it your hip flexors? Dig your feet into the ground a little harder. Does your low back sag a little, or do your shoulders give out first? Try holding a stronger posterior pelvic tilt, or work on more erector/scapular strength. A huge teaching exercise which ties in many different muscle groups and indicates where you may need to keep things tighter. _ If you're not already following @simplestrengthphysio, do so now and tune into his current IG series on navigating the biopsychosocial model of health care provision, especially student physical therapists and those of you interested in applying to physical therapy school!

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