Single Leg Hip Swings

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An awesome single leg dynamic stability training drill for people recovering from foot, ankle or knee pain. I love this for people who have pain with knee bending or who can't bear too much weight on their ankles (in dorsiflexion) following an injury. You can still load up the affected side with a kettlebell in a rack hold (a simple yet invaluable loading technique that can enhance so many basic exercises) without aggravating the aforementioned joints. This added resistance makes you feel more "rooted" into the ground on the balancing leg and helps with sensory re-education for people who may have been in a protective boot following an ankle fracture or a knee immobilizer following surgery. _ The resistance band at the knee also helps facilitate a strong quadriceps contraction. @mcohen8 here making a difficult drill look easy peezy _ All in all I love how this drill challenges: • Proprioception (do this barefoot for additional benefit) • Multi-planar dynamic stability (frontal plane and HUGE transverse plane control required as your body slightly rotates with each swing) • Motor skills for running • Single leg muscular endurance _ Do this for one minute straight and discover what part of your body feels the most burn--sometimes it's the shoulder, your glute, inner quad, calf, intrinsic muscles of your foot and sometimes everything all at once. Props to my fellow NJ homie @dr.njbuonforte aka the Human Exercise Encyclopedia for teaching this to me. #ClinicalAthlete

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