2017: Cool Stuff to Read, Part I

Here's some informative rehab and wellness-based content that I've been reading over the past several weeks. I'll try to post these more frequently throughout the year and hope it helps you as well whether you're a patient, clinician, fitness enthusiast or aspiring student.


Dr. Dave Tilley, PT, DPT of Shift Movement Science (gymnastics-focused physical therapy)

A Brain Spill on Mechanical vs Neurological Effects in Physical Therapy (Part 1)

A Brain Spill on Mechanical vs Neurological Effects in Physical Therapy (Part 2)

Biomechanics and neurophysiology are two sides of the same coin. They are not mutually exclusive and neither should be completely thrown out the window when considering treatment rationale.


Dr. Charlie Weingroff, PT, DPT

Why Rehabilitation and Fitness Should be Delivered in Parallel

The model by which I operate and how I see the physical therapy profession moving forward.


Dr. Jason Eure, PT, DPT as a Guest Blogger on Strengtheory.com

Squatting with Patellar Tendinopathy

A monster article on training considerations for those with patellar tendinopathy. Includes crash course in tendinopathy physiology.


Dr. Mike Reinold, PT, DPT

 Meniscus Repair Rehabilitation: Why Are We Still Stuck in the 90’s?

Who hasn't learned something from this guy at some point in their career?


Dr. Doug Kechijian, PT, DPT of Resilient Performance and Physical Therapy

What Evidenced-Based Practice Is Not

I stopped arguing on the internet a long time ago. I wonder why you see so much intellectual elitism and passive-aggressive trolling in the name of "science" when it comes to rehab and performance-based topics. A must-read.


Greater Electromyographic Responses Do Not Imply Greater Motor Unit Recruitment and Hypertrophic Potential Cannot Be Inferred

Link to Letter to the Editor in JSCR

The internet explodes whenever Andrew Vigotsky, Chris Beardsley, Bret Contreras and Stu Phillips collaborate.
Just because a muscle fiber is recruited doesn't necessarily mean it will undergo hypertrophic adaptations. Therefore increased EMG response doesn't necessarily mean getting more jacked...but you see this erroneous conclusion made frequently.


Effect of Injury Prevention Programs that Include the Nordic Hamstring Exercise on Hamstring Injury Rates in Soccer Players: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Link to abstract

Work with soccer players? Have them do Nordic hamstring exercises to help safeguard them against hamstring injuries.


Exercise dosing to retain resistance training adaptations in young and older adults.

Post by The Strength Guys

Link to abstract

It takes a lot longer to lose your gains than you might think.


What You Should Know About Pain - Dr. Joe Gambino & Dr. Zak Gabor

Part I

Part II

Some bright PT minds dropping knowledge on pain science. Part III coming soon.


If you crossed any articles that you think should be included on this list, leave a comment and let me know!