Exercise for Plantar Fasciitis

Here's a weird one. My father used to tell me when he was a kid growing up in Hong Kong, he fought crabs with his toes for fun. Pops had some strong, dextrous toes and to this day I still don't know if he was joking about the crab fighting thing (and I don't know whether to be weirded out or impressed). But I think it served him well during his running years later in life as he never struggled with plantar fasciitis while training for marathons. 🦀 Build intrinsic foot strength using these motor drills for your toes, which can strengthen your medial longitudinal arch and help prevent plantar fasciitis. Also a great barefoot exercise for people who experience toe or foot cramping which is a sensation I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy! 🦀 My dog Gracie is gonna help me out with this one. Plant your four outer toes into the ground and lift up just your big toe. Then, try planting your big toe down while lifting up the four outer toes. Finally, lift up your four outer toes once again and slowly plant them down one by one onto the floor. I have a hard time here dissociating movement between my inner three toes...maybe I need to fight some crabs. 🦀 Learned this at @drandreospina's FRC® course at @crossfitunionsquare this past weekend. One of the most fun and educational seminars I've taken. Check out my blog for my course review (link in bio)! Keep your feet healthy people! #FRC #FunctionalRangeConditioning #ControlYourself #PhysicalTherapy #CrabFighting #ToesAreWeird #PlantarFasciitis #FootRehab #RunningRehab #GetYourStinkinFeetOuttaMyFace

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