Fitness Challenges for 2015

I generally consider myself to be a recreational athlete. Occasionally I'll participate in a half-marathon or volleyball/basketball league here and there, but really just for fun as I don't participate in these sports year round. It's fun, helps break the monotony of routine workouts and gets me outdoors.

However I'm excited to have recently registered for two events that I'll be training for with a little more competitive edge: the StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge and the NYC Marathon.

The Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) is a three-event competition in which participants are scored based on 1) a 1RM deadlift, 2) maximum number of dead-hang pull-ups and 3) max number of kettlebell snatches performed in a 5 minute period. I like the diversity and physical demands of the competition and will be competing in the novice division in which a 20 kg kettlebell is used. 

As far as the NYC Marathon goes, okay I'm probably jumping the gun on this one as I only registered for the lottery which by no means guarantees me an entry into the race itself. If I'm not selected however I plan on selecting another marathon and/or half-marathon to compete in this year. But really keeping my hopes up for the NYC!

Another exciting And educational aspect of preparing for these competitions is designing the training program. Having a performance goal at a set date in the future allows you to map out a specific plan, and there are many variables to manipulate in that process of working towards optimal performance.

I'll be sure to share details of my journey towards my first TSC (scheduled for April 11, 2015, about 8 weeks from today) and how I plan to train. Although I'll be competing against others, my main goal is really just to compete against myself and try to do the best that I can. 
Hopefully I'll be able to see good progress and will post future blog entries of what I find to be helpful. Will keep my fingers crossed for the marathon lottery in the meantime!