(1/5/19) Load Management - Train Harder & Smarter (Dr. Tim Gabbett, PhD)

Functional Range Conditioning (Dr. Andreo Spina)

Functional Range Release: Upper Quarter (Dr. Michael Chivers)

Reconciling Pain with Biomechanics (Dr. Gregory Lehman)

SMT-1: High Velocity Low Amplitude Thrust Manipulation of the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar & SI Joints (Spinal Manipulation Institute with Dr. James Dunning)

Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Lumbar Spine, Hip and Shoulder (Dr. Shirley Sahrmann)

Stu McGill 2: Converging on a Precise Diagnosis

Explain Pain (Neuro Orthopaedic Institute)

Functional Movement Taping Blades

Eclectic Approach to the Upper & Lower Quarter (Erson Religioso)

Resilient Movement Foundations (Resilient Performance Physical Therapy)

Postural Restoration Institute: Myokinematic Restoration

Greg Nuckols Powerlifting Seminar and Q&A

Selective Functional Movement Assessment (Functional Movement Systems)

Kevin Wilk: Treatment of the Shoulder and Knee

Mulligan Concept - Upper Quadrant

System of a Run - Chris Johnson

Maitland Australian Physiotherapy Seminars: MT-2 Essential Spinal Seminar