Generally when people think about physical therapy they may imagine geriatric populations, patients recovering in hospitals or individuals healing from debilitating injuries. While these are certainly types of people that some physical therapists treat, there's also a large variety of people who are candidates for receiving physical therapy on an outpatient basis.

I treat patients from the inception of injury, through the rehabilitative process and into the return-to-sport or activity phase. You may qualify for physical therapy if you fall anywhere on that spectrum and have specific functional goals in mind. My job is to get you there. Strengthening, conditioning, healthy movement and quality of life can always be optimized--no matter who you are. 

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A unique aspect of my practice is that each session is 60 minutes of one-on-one time between patient and therapist. A patient will always have the undivided attention of a single therapist, there is no delegation of work to assistants, interns nor aides, and ample time can be devoted to the particular needs of each patient.

This in addition to the option of having a physical therapist travel to one's home provides a higher quality physical therapy experience, and being an out-of-network provider allows me to maintain this model that results in better health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

The majority of in-network physical therapy clinics, while cheaper, do not offer one-on-one treatment sessions and often rely on using passive treatment modalities (such as hot packs, ultrasound, electrical stimulation), PT aides and unsupervised generic exercises as treatment to handle the large volume of patients in the clinic at any given time.

No two patients are exactly the same, and I care about attending to YOUR specific, individualized needs from a rehabilitative standpoint to give you the best care that YOU can possibly receive.

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What exactly is concierge physical therapy?

Concierge physical therapy is a departure from the traditional model of an outpatient physical therapy clinic. Rather than the patient going to see the therapist at his/her office, the therapist comes to you in the comfort and convenience of your preferred location--whether it be your apartment living room, work office or company gym. I provide a treatment table as well as any required portable rehab exercise equipment.

While Dr. Lee has operated primarily as a concierge private practice in the past, he has now established a brick-and-mortar clinic in the Flatiron District where patients can also be seen on an outpatient basis. Concierge visits can be made by appointment by contacting Dr. Lee.

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What neighborhoods in NYC can you make visits to? 

Clinton Lee Physical Therapy provides home visits in Manhattan south of 28th St and north of Canal Street. Frequented neighborhoods include Flatiron, Gramercy, Chelsea, NoHo, SoHo and Greenwich Village.


Do I need a doctor's prescription before seeing you for the first time?

No. Direct access to physical therapists without a prescription or referral by a physician is allowed under New York State law. Physical therapists are recognized as well-qualified to be able to evaluate and assess a patient's need for physical therapy, and to refer the patient out to a physician in the event that physical therapy is not warranted due to medical reasons. The physical therapist may treat the patient for 10 visits or for 30 days (whichever comes first), after which the patient must receive a medical prescription in order to continue care.

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